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Our Practice’s Mission

We want you to be positively impressed by our thoroughness, our uniqueness, our service and our professionalism.

Quality of Care

We recommend and perform dentistry for you as we would for ourselves and our families.  We are committed to giving you the highest possible quality of care.

Cause-oriented Treatment

We will not treat any disease or condition until the cause has been determined, addressed and (hopefully) brought under control.


We will make the time to examine, diagnose and plan treatment with you and we will do it comprehensively.

Informed and Empowered Patients

You can expect no surprises concerning treatment, fees or financial arrangements.  You will always be in control of what happens to you.

Pain-Free Dentistry

If we can’t do your dentistry comfortably, we won’t do it here.  We will make alternative arrangements for your care.

Bias toward Health and Action

We provide dentistry for people who are serious about their health.  We encourage timely action because the longer treatment is postponed the more complex, expensive, uncomfortable and uncertain it becomes.


You are the expert on yourself, particularly on the outcomes which are important to you and the prices you are willing to pay for those outcomes.  We are the experts on clinical dentistry.  We will not get this distinction confused.